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Toyota Trademarks 'TJ Cruiser' Moniker For FJ Cruiser Successor
The Toyota FJ Cruiser gained cult status quickly after it went into production in part because it was the spiritual successor to the hugely popular J40 Land Cruiser ...
Toyota's next small crossover could be the TJ Cruiser - AutoblogAutoblog (blog)
Toyota Locks In TJ Cruiser Trademark - CarscoopsCarscoops
Toyota TJ Cruiser name trademarked - CarAdviceCarAdvice

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An Ode to the Toyota FJ Land Cruiser, the King of Classic SUVs
In fact, the Toyota FJ Land Cruisers—which started the current vintage SUV craze—got hot years earlier. “Where our parents' generation wanted a Corvette convertible, today [we] are looking for something more fun and rugged,” said Nelson Calle, chief ...

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Toyota TJ Cruiser Could be Brand's Next Crossover -
If the Toyota FT-4X Concept makes it to production, it could be called the TJ Cruiser. The Toyota Motor Corporation has filed a trademark for the name TJ Cruiser ...

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Toyota FJ Cruiser Revival In Light Of Ford Bronco Now Closer To ...
After seeing Ford confirming on the return of the Bronco through a new-generation model, we can't help but to predict Toyota to follow suit by bring back the FJ ...
Toyota trademarks TJ Cruiser name - LeftLaneNewsLeftLane News
Toyota TJ Cruiser trademark application hints at a new yet familiar ...Indian Autos Blog (blog)

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Toyota's next small crossover could be the TJ Cruiser
MSN Autos
Remember, the FJ Cruiser was intended to evoke the memory of Toyota's famed FJ Land Cruiser series, which were (and still are) legendary for their off-road prowess and durability. The FJ had some legitimate off-road chops, too, but don't expect the ...

Returning Ford Bronco Raise Hope For Toyota FJ Cruiser Revival.
Ford has confirmed that the Bronco will be getting revived through a new generation model and the vehicle is projected to arrive before 2020. The next-gen Bronco is being built alongside the Ranger and its return seems to have inspired Toyota.

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Is Toyota TJ Cruiser The Company's Upcoming Crossover? : Auto ...
Auto World News
The Toyota TJ Cruiser is reported to be the upcoming crossover of the Japanese car maker.
Toyota 'TJ Cruiser' trademark found, for mini FJ Cruiser ...PerformanceDrive
Toyota trademarks TJ Cruiser for the FT-4X? | The Torque ReportThe Torque Report (blog)

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Killeen: Two-vehicle crash sends two to local hospital
KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) A two-vehicle crash late Friday afternoon in Killeen sent two people to a local hospital. The accident, involving a Toyota FJ Cruiser and a Mazda SUV, happened at around 4:40 p.m. Friday at East Stan Schlueter Loop and W.S. Young ...

CHP cites teen driver in six-car pileup; - The Union Democrat
Union Democrat
A teenager distracted by a GPS device caused the six-car pileup on Highway 49 Wednesday morning, according to an investigation by The California Highway ...
Details On Six Vehicle Pile-Up On Highway 49 |

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I Got Divorced So I Want An Adventure Vehicle For Me And My Dog! What Car Should I Buy?
Thinking along the lines of boxes used for adventures, then, how about a Toyota FJ Cruiser instead? It looks cool, it's pretty fun to drive, comes in an automatic and can easily be had in your price range. The seats fold down for Lucy, too. You should ...

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