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Tuesday, June 28, 2005 | News, Our Land

Vacationing & Other Stuff

With Bec's busy summer schedule of taking classes and preparing for the upcoming school year, we decided to take a short vacation in Centre County before the summer got too busy. We wanted to check out the State College area and the state parks around our land.

The first day we were there, we decided to check out some of the state parks and forests that are in the area. We headed to the Black Moshannon State Park, home of the Black Moshannon Lake. We asked a park ranger about a road that was supposed to take us through the state forest, under I-80, and right to our land. He gave us some directions and a map and we set off in Bec's Honda Accord. The road in the park wasn't bad but as soon as we left the state land it got rocky and full of potholes pretty quick. We made it through that and arrived at our land to check out our new road! It's about 700 feet long and coated with shale.
After that we drove through Bald Eagle State Park and headed home through the Victorian town of Bellefonte.

The next day we decided to check out the Penn State campus. We saw a lot of cool buildings on the way to the PSU art museum.

Tim and Cherie met up with us to check out our land. We drove in through the state park again, but this time we had their SUV. We hiked down to the stream, which was quite a bit harder than we remember in the early spring when the trees were still bare. On the way home, we obviously had to stop at the military museum and check out the tanks. Click here to check out all our pictures from the trip.

On Father's Day weekend, we had a chance to hang out with our families. Click here to see some pictures.

We saw a couple more Barnstormers baseball games and have gotten a lot of use out of our grill. Overall, we've had a great summer so far!
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