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Friday, September 6, 2013 | 1 | House Projects

House Projects

After moving into our house, we decided to do a few projects to make the house our own. We added an addition onto the garage, refinished the floors, and updated the kitchen. We'll be posting some details, but each project depended on the previous project to be completed before moving forward. Entire rooms of our house were stacked tall with all of our garage and basement storage for months while the addition was added to the garage, then we had to completely clear out the house and live elsewhere for a couple weeks while the floors were refinished. It's a relief to have the major projects completed, but here are a few photos so can reminisce about the craziness.
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Here's a good thing to do if you go to a party and you don't know anybody: First, take out the garbage. Then go around and collect any extra garbage that people might have, like a crumpled-up napkin, and take that out too. Pretty soon people will want to meet the busy garbage guy.
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