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Wednesday, November 19, 2014 | 1 | House Projects


Over the last year, we've been slowly doing some updates in our mudroom/entryway. The wall planks were originally from another old house. We liked the weathered look but decided to paint three of the walls white to brighten up the room.
Bec put together a photo and artwork collage for one of the walls. I found some old gears to use as an accent and did a little de-rusting.
We salvaged some old oak planks from the recently repaired Pinetown Covered Bridge. After a lot of cleaning and sanding, I was able to use some of them to create a bench.
Some final sanding and a few coats of urethane finished it off.
I also used one of the pine beams from the covered bridge as a shelf above the bench. Dave helped me make a French cleat to hang the beam on the wall.
A few hooks and baskets finished everything off.
Thanks so much to Dave and Matt for the tips and for helping me get everything installed!
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